Monday, January 11, 2010

Rose Bowl = Real Bore

In light of my 2010 New Years Resolution, I am blogging! I decided to create my blog around what I do best, bargain shop. It's a blessing and a curse really, my hunting never stops! First on the agenda...The Rose Bowl.

2 years ago I went to The Rose Bowl Flea Market and found some really incredible finds. Vintage clothing galore (which I will admit is not my forte), jewelry, fun apartment accents and furniture. NOW? It's more of a fashion show than a flea market. If you like people watching, go there. If you want to find a good deal on things you don't really need, skip it. Now that this is a "trendy" event, all the vendors have doubled or even tripled their prices. We saw a record player THAT DIDNT EVEN WORK priced at over $100. You would get a better deal shopping the "found" section at Anthropologie than coming here. Really. Considering its an $8 cover to get in and $10 for a lemonade I figured I had already spent enough.

If you live in Los Angeles or are visiting, I would highly suggest avoiding this flea market and saving your pennies for either the Pasadena Community College one. Continue to shop the Jet Lag $1 sale on Sundays and Craigslist is ALWAYS an amazing option for vintage/modern furniture that people are desperate to get rid of.

Next up, sample sales....ooooh! Also, I will always post a sample sale date and address when I find out about it. A lot of times I resell what I find, which I will also post.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. $18 just for a lemonade and to purchase a ticket, that's disgusting. A flea market sounds more like a thief market, I would go to a flea market to save money not to waste it.
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